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Execution of the Project

The project “Rakshak Smart Residency” will be executed in the following Two Phases:-


Acquirement of land in the L-Zone area under the Master Plan Delhi (MPD-2021) which is located near Dwarka, New Delhi. The company in the process of acquiring land in the L-Zone and the same will be submitted/surrendered to the Delhi Development Authority as and when the DDA starts this process which is likely to take 6 to 12 months time from now.


Thereafter, the DDA will allot developed share of the surrendered land to the company along with necessary FSI/FAR thereon according to its Land Pooling Policy in a Sector in the L-Zone. The company will then undertake construction of flats and internal development work on the aforesaid allotted land and handing over of the flats to the Members. The external development works like sector roads, electricity, water, sewerage, parks etc., will be done by the DDA within a time frame manner as provided in the Land Pooling Policy.